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Jonny Weston Shirtless Photos

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Jonny Weston’s age, birthday, twitter, facebook… the list goes on when it comes to information about this up and comer who will play Edgar in Insurgent. But one thing’s for sure, Jonny Weston looks good shirtless, he probably looks good nude, and he’ll be hitting the silver screen in We Are Your Friends, directed by Max Joseph, and Insurgent.

 Jonny Weston shirtless

Up until now, Weston has been mostly known for playing Jay Moriarty in Chasing Mavericks. As far as everyone knows, this man is single and he wants to change that. Jonny said: “Yes! I’m aggressively on the lookout. I think that quirky, weird things are my favorite but if she’s not quirky and doesn’t goof around, it’s no fun.”

Jonny Weston shirtless photo Jonny-Weston shirtless image Jonny Weston shirtless picture


Jeremy Sumpter Shirtless

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Jeremy Sumpter shirtless photos will make all of his tween and older fans happy. Jeremy Sumpter went shirtless for a photoshoot in 2010. I’d love to see what he looks like without his top on now, but only if he’s been hitting the gym.

Jeremy Sumpter shirtless

Jeremy plays Jacob in the upcoming thriller “Into the Storm.” The film may officially put Sumpter on the map. He’s currently single, as far as we know, but that just may change after his flick hits theaters next month.

Jeremy first appeared on the big screen in Peter Pan. He played Peter himself and called the experience “the role of a lifetime.” Jeremy played Peter when he was 13. Now 25 years old, Jeremy may reach a new fan base that includes young girls who are just as young today as he was when he played Peter.

Jeremy hasn’t had many major roles since playing Peter, but Hollywood does love a comeback story. Young and casting directors, love pretty boys, so I think Jeremy will be doing just fine.


Max Joseph Shirtless, Half Nude Photos

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Max Joseph shirtless, half nude photos would make his stans happy any day of the year. There is only one reason and one reason only for heterosexual women and gay men to tune into Catfish each week and that reason is Max Joseph, Nev Schulman’s grey-haired sidekick Max.

 Max Joseph is half naked and sexy as hell.

Shirtless Max Joseph enjoys a day out with wife Priscilla Joseph. Max Joseph half nude and wet with wife Priscilla on vacation.

Max Joseph is shirtless as he goes rock climbing in the hot sun.Max Joseph is shirtless on vacation. Here he is posing at the top of a mountain.

Max doesn’t need to be on the show at all. He holds a camera and films most of the same content that MTV’s camera crew does, and with a small old school camera, but we don’t mind. He’s the perfect eye candy.

M. Joseph is arguably the sexiest gret-haired man on TV. Sorry Anderson Cooper. Note: I don’t know many grey-haired men on TV. What makes Max so great is that although he’s on a show that is clearly nothing but a set-up; Nev calls people and ‘asks’ them to meet the people they’ve been Catfishing for months or years and they suddenly agree to meet on camera, but Max isn’t afraid to speak his mind, be brutally honest yet respectful.

During season 1 of Catfish, Nev made for a great impromptu counselor to the Catfish victims and the Catfish themselves. These days, it’s Max who seems more compassionate while Nev seems so over it and pissed off.

Max has the cutest smile and his chemistry with Nev makes the show fun. The ladies love him and the gays do too. Perez Hilton once Instagrammed about how hot Max is, and we know that he isn’t alone.

Max Joseph is married to a Brazilian woman named Priscilla but she has nothing to do with the show and if you don’t follow Priscilla on Instagram, you would think that Max is single. He barely mentions her on his Instagram, which is smart. Nev Schulaman’s girlfriend also doesn’t have much to do with the show. I don’t know what the average age of a Catfish viewer is, but I can imagine that Max and Nev have quite a few tweens who have a crush on them and aren’t interested in seeing them with anyone. Enjoy the pics!

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Ryan Serhant: Nude, Hot, Sexy and Wet!

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Ryan Serhant nude photos are everything. The grey haired real estate star isn’t shy when it comes to flashing his bare ass and naked body in front of the camera. Fredrik Ecklund may have a porn past but Ryan could clearly have a porn future!

Ryan Serhant hot

Ryan Serhant shower Ryan Serhant sexy shirtless Ryan Serhant naked Ryan Serhant nude ass

Ryan spices up Million Dollar Listing New York each week by showing viewers how to dress. We see Ryan in a suit pretty much at all times and his chiseled features aren’t bad either. He hits the gym on the reg, he’s very tall and he always looks ready for a photo shoot. But viewers were most excited to see the Charminator wearing nothing at all in a steam shower scene that gained Ryan many new male and female fans. That butt isn’t so bad and I can appreciate his tanned, toned physique.

The Bravo network is pretty much the closeted version of the Logo network, so naturally editors wouldn’t leave Ryan’s nude scenes on the cutting room floor. I applaud the network for being so in tune with what its audience wants. More nudity! More hot guys! Seriously, are there any unattractive men on the entire Bravo network? Even Patti Stanger’s plus sized former assistant Destin was easy on the eyes, in his own gothic emo way.

Many women on the network have had plastic surgery and look better or worse for it, and then there’s an entire series, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, which is comprised of women with donkey booties.  We’ve never seen so much @ss on a single show before in our lives.

Bravo pours the sex appeal on as often as possible, right? Aren’t most of Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live questions revolved around sex? Just saying. Keep it up Bravo execs! I’m not so sure I’d tune into Million Dollar Listing if I didn’t want to bang at least one of the cast members.

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And The MTV Movie Award Goes To… Rita Ora For Ripping Zac Efron’s Shirt Off

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Skip the red carpet, skip the intro, hell skip the whole MTV Movie Awards and just watch what Rita Ora did halfway through Zac Efron’s acceptance speech for “Best Shirtless Performance” in That Awkward Moment.


In fact, the only Awkward Moment (see what I did there?) was when she tried to put the shirt back on… Thankfully, Zac had other ideas. Really, really sexy ideas. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Rita Ora! If MTV molded a golden popcorn for borderline sexual harassment, it would be yours.

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Justin Bieber: Neighbor’s Egg Attack Could Draw Felony Charges

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Justin Bieber egged his neighbor’s house and now the police have launched an investigation. Deputies are currently at Bieber’s home right now, searching his garage.

 Justin Bieber 2014 shirtless

TMZ reports that 11 L.A. County Sheriff patrol cars are on Justin’s property.

“Deputies are looking for any  evidence that links Bieber to the egg assault on his next door neighbor. This a FELONY search warrant — meaning Justin is  under a microscope for a crime that could land him in prison. Cops will look for anything that is relevant to the egg incident, including  other eggs in the house and possible video.”

TMZ claims that looking for egg cartons at Justin’s house “isn’t” stupid because they could be an “identifier” that links the Biebus to the egg attack.

Because the police are searching Justin’s home, they could find “something illegal” like drugs, TMZ reports. I bet Justin has a marijuana card though, this is California we’re talking about here. You wish TMZ!

Time to move Justin! Time to get the hell outta that shady neighborhood, and fast.

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