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P!nk And Carey Hart – Sued!

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Before I tell you about the mess that P!nk and her husband Carey Hart have gotten themselves into, may I just point out that exclamation mark in her name is incredibly annoying. You don’t care, but I do. Anyway, moving on.

TMZ is reporting that a paparazzi has filed a lawsuit against P!nk and her hubby Carey Hart. Back in June, photographer Boris Issaei was trying to photograph P!nk while she was changing her daughter’s diaper at a mart in Malibu.


Her husband Carey Hart noticed the photog and it was all downhill from there. Carey yelled to the photog, “You f***ing c*** … You f***ing pedophile.” P!nk allegedly added, “You’re photographing my baby naked.”

Issaei then claims that Carey’s friends came and kicked his @ss,

“Boris says Carey’s friend then went on the attack … kicking him in the shin, stomping on his feet, and kneeing him in the groin. He claims his camera equipment was damaged during the melee. Boris claims P!nk even added insult to injury, insisting Boris deserved the beating for his actions.”

Issaei is suing for assault and battery, and destruction of his camera equipment. He is seeking unspecified damages. This might be a loss for the Harts.

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Pink Defends Carey Hart After Willow’s Motorcycle Backlash

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Carey Hart took his adorable daughter Willow for a ride on his motorcycle and he posted the picture onto his Instagram account.

Carey Hart daughter motorcycle

Carey accompanied the image above with the caption: “Been waiting for this day for a very long time. Willz went for her 1st ride on my motorcycle around the pits today. She was pumped the whole time. When we stopped, she gave me a big hug and said it was fun, thank you Papa. That’s my girl.”

Cue the haters! When Britney Spears turned her first born into an airbag, that was wrong, but I bet Carey was going 5 miles an hour and he would make sure nothing would happen to his daughter. Pink agrees and she posted the following tweets in response:

pink1 pink2

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Pink’s ‘True Love’ Video is Here

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P!nk has delivered another winner. Pink’s husband Carey Hart and her adorable daughter Willow are featured in her new video for “True Love.” Pink looks great, her daughter is beyond cute and the video is simple, like many videos should be. Sometimes you don’t have to go all out. Just strip it down and give us your emotional lyrics and we’re all set. Lily Allen is also looking gorgeous in this video!

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Pink, aka Alecia Moore, Appears in Thanks for Sharing with Gwyneth Paltrow

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This movie looks like a great time! Pink makes her official big screen debut in Thanks for Sharing, a love story about people battling sex addiction. Thank gawd someone made this film. I don’t know why people believe that every other addiction is real except for sex addiction. Maybe this movie will get people informed, all the while making them laugh and root for the characters. Pink, real name Alecia Moore, seems like she needs to work on her acting skills; but who cares? She’s a singer-songwriter. I don’t care if she won’t win an Oscar. She’ll make this movie even better.

Gwyneth is in lingerie in the trailer. Still trying to figure out why that made headlines?! She’s been nude in her movies before and I’m not going to critique her body cause women’s bodies are critiqued far too much. Have fun with the trailer.

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Pink Lost Weight: 55 Pounds With Jillian Michaels’ Help

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Pink gained 55lbs. when she was pregnant with Willow Hart and she spoke to Shape Magazine about what she was eating during her pregnancy and how she took the pounds off.


Basically Pink ate like Jessica Simpson but unlike Jess, she hired two personal trainers and went on a vegan diet.

On her pregnancy cravings: “I ate a lot of cheesecake during those nine months. Also, anything sour; Sour Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, key lime pie.”

On working with celebrity trainers Jillian Michaels and Jeanette Jenkins: “They both kicked my butt more than any other person I’ve worked out with. They’re both amazing, and their bodies were all the inspiration I needed to get back into shape.”

On being a mother: “It’s just pure joy for Carey and me. Willow has made us more fun — we’re this cool little threesome."

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Pink’s Daughter Willow is the Cutest

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Pink and Carey Hart's daughter is so cute! Anyone else surprised? Pink's cute and Carey's easy on the eyes, but Willow steals the show. Pink recently told People magazine: "Having a child is the best thing that could happen."


Pink actually had a miscarriage before getting pregnant with Willow.

She continued: "I mean, I've been changing diapers and having dinner parties, who does that? I don't even know who I am!"

Pink will be taking the stage at the MTV Video Music Awards tonight. It's on the same day as Barack Obama's Democratic National Convention speech. MTV, you suck. I hope your ratings do too.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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